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Backwards Flatcap Hopalicious Brown Ale 5.6%

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A modern take on the somewhat disregarded brown! In true Lost Pier fashion we’ve hit it with alllotaaa hops!

The supercharged hop dose paired with the robust and sweet malt body give something pretty special and comforting. It’s an ampped up autumn in a glass!

Expect huge citrus notes mainly grapefruit and orange with a dank rich oily pine note that tee’s up the sweet mahogany malt base. We’ve kept the carbonation the low to keep things creamy

Along with some spectacular specialty dark malts from @crispmaltings we’ve added a hop line up of @yakimachiefeu Columbus / Sabro / Centennial / Talus and @totallynaturalsolutions Cascade HopBurst fermented out with the stunning Voss Kievk yeast from @whc_lab 🤤 

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