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At Lost Pier Brewing, we believe that beer is an art form, and we take great care in perfecting our craft. We use only the finest ingredients to create our delicious beers, and every recipe is carefully crafted to ensure that each sip is a memorable experience. Our beers are brewed in small batches, giving each brew its own unique blend of flavours.


One of our most popular beers is the Fruit Machine NEIPA. This New England-style IPA is bursting with juicy fruit flavours, thanks to the liberal use of aromatic hops in the brewing process. It's the perfect thirst-quencher for hot summer days, and it's sure to satisfy any hop-head's cravings.


At Lost Pier Brewing, we're more than just a brewery – we're a community. We're passionate about our beer and dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience. We also love to have fun, but we're serious about making high quality craft due to exact processing.


Thank you for choosing Lost Pier Brewing for your craft beer needs. We hope that you enjoy our range of beers and that you'll become a part of our growing community. Cheers!

 Our amazing can designs are the work of Mr Phil, please take a look at his website here!

Thank YOU for joining us on our journey.


Team Lost Pier

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