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Mr Brisk's COLD I.P.A 6.2% Collab beer with BRICK Brewery

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Never had a cold IPA before? Neither had we until recently! Expect all the hop character of a dry hopped IPA, a crisp malt base similar to that of a Lager then to tingle the a taste buds a rich full bitterness pushing on WCIPA levels.

We think this style is here to stay purely for the fact they pack so much flavour with perfect balance, they are lighter and crisper then a NEIPA giving you excellent drinkability.

A great gate way bev for lager drinkers and perfect for those guys wishing to take a break from sweet hazy NEIPAS.

Zingy citrus fruit, passionfruit and grass on the nose then on the palate huge lime, grapefruit zest, grape jelly.

Pilsner and wheat malt keep things very neutral, whilst the super clean lager yeast W34/70 drys things out nicely for Mr Brisk’s ultimate COLD I.P.A

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